Typescript Phaser with atom

For JavaScript development I use atom.io and I am very satisfied with it. Starting a Phaser project I decided to use a Typescript for it, as it increases development speed a lot. Luckily there is a Typescript plug-in for atom.io. [Read More]

HaxeFlixel Signals

I really like the signal API from AS3 and use it all the time. I even ported it to Swift, JS and Dart in order to apply it in other environments. To use signals in HaxeFlixel you just need to define an object, that will represents your signal, and its... [Read More]

HaxeFlixel Development

Previously I have used HaxeFlixel only to prototype my games and learn Haxe, but now I decided to use it on my first commercial product. In this series of posts I will describe my experience and moving process from Starling (my main game development framework). Hopefully it will encourage more... [Read More]